Croatian Actuarial Association

Martićeva 71, Zagreb

New Committee and Working Group

The Management Board of Croatian Actuarial Association made a decision to establish a new Committee for Insurance. Task of new Committee will be monitoring legal and supporting acts in the area of ​​insurance, in relation to the actuarial profession as well as taking over tasks from previous Committees for developing minimum standards for calculation technical provisions. The members of the Committee are: Snježana Bertoncelj (president), Suzana Dumančić, Danica Kovačić, Marin Matijaca, Tatjana Račić Žlibar, Ksenija Sanjković and Ljiljana Zekan.

The Management Board of the Association also made a decision to establish a Working Group for IFRS 17. The head of the new Working Group will be Mrs Jasna Komljenović Lončar, who is also a representative of the Croatian Actuarial Association in the newly established Working Group for IFRS 17 within the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE).

The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (“EFRAG”) has been requested by the European Commission (EC) to provide its opinion on whether IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts (IFRS 17) meets the criteria in the IAS Regulation to be endorsed for use in the EU and EEA. The criteria for endorsement include technical conditions and that the new IFRS Standard is conducive to the European Public Good. U radu EFRAG-a sudjelovat će aktuar Alexander Dollhopf. The role of the AAE IFRS17 Working Group will be is to assist Alexander Dollhopf to give sound actuarial opinions to the EFRAG process of giving advice to the EC. The Working Group will also discuss the possible need of aligning European actuarial practices with respect to IFRS 17 related work.