Actuaries are mostly employed in insurance and pensions business. They are involved in insurance products development, calculation of insurance premiums, calculation of the reserves, asset and liability management and various other important areas in an insurance company.
Actuarial expertise is well used in regulatory authorities that supervise the insurance companies.

Actuarial techniques and knowledge are applicable in some other areas as well. Actuarial analysis of demographic and economic movements is essential for planning of long term government spending on education, pensions, health, transport and other services. In recent times actuaries started working more in banking sector and capital markets, investment projects and other areas that require application of complicated mathematical calculations on financial problems.

Besides mathematical knowledge, actuaries need to understand the economy, the laws of the country where they work, demographic and financial situations and need to posses good communication skills to be able to explain the results to people without actuarial expertise. Actuaries and actuarial profession in Croatia or in world, are not well known among general population because there is not a lot of them. However actuaries are proud that as a profession are able to secure the financial stability of millions of people around the work.