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An actuary is a business professional who deals with the measurement and management of risks and uncertainty, using mathematical methods like probability theories, statistics and financial mathematics. Actuarial work involves past data analysis, risk quantification and development of models for future projections.

Croatian Actuarial Association (CAA) professional association of actuaries in Croatia, promoting and developing actuary science and profession in theory and practice, facilitating members’ professional development and knowledge sharing.

Membership in CAA can be regular, affiliate and honorary.

Conditions for memberships are defined by the Statute of the Croatian Actuarial Association.

By filling out the application for membership of the Croatian Actuarial Association at this link.

By filling out the application for membership of the Croatian Actuarial Association at this link.


„Actuaries are business professionals who deal with risk and uncertainty. Hence, it is required that they have knowledge of probability and statistics. This is very often heard as the basic definition of what we do. However, the background story is much more complex, bears much more responsibility, but it is also much more beautiful. To assess the risk and uncertainty in companies, especially within the financial industry, actually means to estimate how much a certain business decision or decisions will financially cost the company, including the financial consequences such decision will have on the current business already in progress."
Lidija Pecigoš Višnjić
President of the Croatian Actuarial Association, Triglav osiguranje
„The actuarial profession is perfect for anyone who enjoys analytical and creative problem solving, loves challenges of discovering new areas and aspires for continuous learning. Because one thing is for sure - there is always something new to learn, to master it and find the best way to implement it. That's why, even after more than 25 years, I love actuarial mathematics - it never gets boring!"
Snježana Bertoncelj
„The actuarial profession is a relatively young profession in Croatia, as well as our Croatian actuarial association, compared to actuarial profession and associations in Europe and the world. However, even in such a short time, we have achieved a lot, and the number of members has increased significantly since the beginning of our association. The actuarial work is constantly changing, expanding and improving. This is certainly interesting and stimulating for young people who are just starting to work, but also for those who are a little older or more experienced. One thing is certain: you can expect an interesting and challenging job, but never boring."
Ines Šikić
Wiener Insurance
“Fast paced technological progress opens up opportunities for actuaries to take on new business roles. An inventive approach to work and proactive professional development with upgrading of technical knowledge are key to development of the actuarial profession in the future."
Iva Ivanković