Croatian Actuarial Conference 2018 was held under the name “Above the Clouds”

On the 14th and 15th June 2018 Croatian Actuarial Conference was held under the name “Above Clouds” in the organization of the Croatian Actuarial Association. The conference was held in the Westin Hotel in Zagreb bringing together more than 160 participants from the country and abroad.

The sponsors of the Conference, which gathered well-respected domestic and foreign lecturers from academic community from Croatia and from abroad as well the insurance specialists, were the Ministry of Finance and the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency.  Partners of the Conference were Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Insurance Bureau.

The introductory speeches were held by Mrs. Ksenija Sanjković, President of Croatian Actuarial Association, Mrs. Ilijana Jeleč, member of the Management Board of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency and Mrs. Ines Špirić, the representative of the Ministry of Finance, who opened the conference.

“We are honored to have gathered more than 160 participants this year at the third Croatian Actuarial Conference, and that the Conference program has included again very actual topics, not only for the actuaries, but for the whole insurance industry, such as IFRS 17, GDPR, data science.”, Mrs. Sanjković pointed out in her speech.

Ms. Ilijana Jeleč in her speech emphasized the importance of the actuarial profession with regard to the existing and upcoming regulation in the financial industry that is continuously setting up new challenges which are very difficult to follow and overcome without the assistance and the role of the actuarial profession.

Opening the Conference Mrs. Ines Špirić pointed out that actuarial knowledge can be useful to state departments for planning of the government spending on education, pension, health care, transportation and other general services.


Ksenija Sanjković: Odobrenje IFRS-a 17 u EU

Roger Gascoigne: IFRS 17

Klemen Vidic: IFRS17 i tranzicija starih ugovora

Tihomir Kralj: Zaštita osobnih podataka

Mirela Obrić: GDPR u osiguranju

Andreas Heider: Disability Insurance

Ivica Siladić: Usage based insurance

Barbara Tkalčević i Ines Ostović: Pet ključeva učinkovitosti

Zvonko Kostanjčar: Znanost o podacima u osigurateljnoj i financijskoj industriji

Ivo Ugrina: Primjena analize glavnih komponenti u modeliranju financijskih krivulja