The regular General Assembly meeting of the Croatian Actuarial Association

The regular general Assembly meeting of the Croatian Actuarial Association was held on 15th of June 2018.

On the Assembly the new members of the Management Board were elected. Mrs. Jasna Tenšak was elected as the second vice president of the Association, Mrs. Tihana Radišić for the secretary of the Association and Mrs. Božena Kelić was elected for the treasurer of the Association. The President of the Association Mrs. Ksenija Sanjković thanked the current members of the Management Board, Mrs. Mirna Lipovšćak and Mrs. Sabina Fazlić on their contribution to the Association’s work till now.

Aleksandra Bedić, Iva Gaćina, Iva Ivanković, Anamarija Mešić, Stela Šeperić and Ana Urankar have joined to regular membership of the Association, while Petra Crnica, Matea Nosse, Ana Radeljak and Gresa Shabani have been accepted to the affiliates.